Executive Coaching

By Your Side in High-Risk Moments

Transitioning into an executive level role is among the toughest challenges a person will face. And to make it even harder, the higher you climb, the less honest feedback you get. Trust DDI executive coaching to provide objective feedback and guidance to drive performance.  

A mix of current or former executives, organizational psychologists, and business consultants, our coaches have the experience to help execs find solutions to their most pressing concerns. They’re authentic. They’re savvy. They’ve seen it all. And they’re among the best in the business. 

Executive Transition Coaching

The pressure is on when you step into an executive role. Whether it's because it's a whole new role or a sudden crisis hits, it's easy for executives to fall into common pitfalls.

Often, these are smart, talented leaders who were promoted for great performance. So what goes wrong?

It’s the things they don’t see coming. The dynamics around them change unexpectedly. They’re faced with more complex decisions, higher risk, and a larger span of influence. Our executive coaching examines the key pressure points that can cause executives to struggle. Then they coach them through the pitfalls that may lie ahead - before they fall into them. And more importantly, they create a plan to hit the ground running.

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Executive Focus Coaching

Nearly every executive we’ve coached has shared with us a similar experience: When they get to the top, they don’t get honest feedback any more. And with so many people and projects vying for their attention, they don't know where to focus.

Enter DDI executive coaches. Our authentic, savvy coaches draw from their decades of experience to bring focus and clarity to executive challenges. They act as sounding boards. Leadership guides. Accountability drivers. Confidants. But most of all, they’re focused on helping executives understand themselves and find their own solutions.

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Pair Coaching With Assessment

Executive coaching is most effective when it’s personalized to address the unique set of strengths and development needs of each person. We offer a wide range of assessments to help your executives find focus.

Whether you opt for a simulation or to gather feedback from others, assessment will highlight the areas your executives need to focus on most. So they'll get the clarity they need to grow in the right direction.

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