Leadership Development Subscription

Make Leadership Development a Way of Work

Leadership development isn’t a one-off event. It requires lifelong learning, practice, and growth.

That’s why we created a better way to develop your leaders. Imagine being able to support leaders in their every moment of need, whether they’re a first-time manager, resolving a workplace conflict, or coaching a new team member.

With our Leadership Development Subscription, we meet leaders where they are in every moment of leadership.

What's a Leadership Development Subscription?

A DDI Leadership Development Subscription offers you the keys (and a roadmap) to reimagine leadership development. It provides everything your leaders need as they face major obstacles, take on new roles, and tackle the everyday challenges of leadership—all in one place.

A subscription gives you flexibility to support your leaders’ development in every moment, whenever and however you need to. You get everything you need to create a successful leadership development program that supports your business strategy for years to come.

When you work with DDI, it’s like having a (learning and development) team of 25 because you get their thought leadership, content, and insights. With DDI, we can truly mix and match content and build leadership programs with ease.

Joe Ilvento Chief Learning Officer Commvault

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What's Included?

A subscription contains DDI’s award-winning content and includes:

  • In-person and virtual classroom courses
  • Online courses on demand
  • Microcourses
  • Insights to personalize development experiences
  • Competencies
  • Practice tools to extend and reinforce learning

And you get more than learning content. You also get a Strategic Learning Team to help you implement and design your leadership program and align with your business goals. 

Think of us as an extension of your own internal team: We’re not just here for product support. We’re invested in your holistic success and will help you reach your goals.

data graphic with a photo of a young professional woman with a tablet with text that says, "95% of HR and learning professionals say DDI's leadership development subscriptions are a valuable investment of resources." Source: DDI's 2023 Impact Evaluation data?auto=format&q=75

Leadership Development Made Easier

From start to finish, a DDI Leadership Development Subscription makes implementing programs a breeze. Why? Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Struggling to curate personalized learning experiences for leaders? Our Designer tool helps you quickly choose, create, change, and implement learning journeys with ease. Need to train leaders on a specific skill fast? Quickly search content by competency to deliver focused training.

Best of all, you have a Strategic Learning Team by your side every step of the way to make your program a success. Your team will help you hit your goals and see new opportunities to achieve leadership excellence.

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Give Leaders “Aha!” Moments with Personalized Learning

Leadership development isn’t effective if it doesn’t engage leaders. With a DDI subscription, you can create captivating learning experiences that build leaders’ commitment to learn and grow. Why? Because it’s all about them.

Built on decades of experience and industry leadership, our subscriptions include a range of assessments that give leaders self-insight to personalize their learning experiences. These insights fuel self-driven online learning as well as live learning sessions with peers.

The result? Learning that sticks.

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Which Leadership Development Subscription is right for your organization?


Everything you need to build core leadership skills in your frontline leaders

  • My Pathway: Leadership Core, a personalized learning experience
  • 40+ Courses
  • 55+ Microcourses
  • 220+ Online Learning Tools
  • 50 Frontline Leader Competencies
  • 30 Business Drivers


Includes all Foundation content, plus personalized development for advanced leaders

  • My Pathway: Leadership Core, a personalized learning experience
  • Leadership Personality Insights
  • 65+ Courses
  • 65+ Microcourses
  • 290+ Online Learning Tools
  • 114 Competencies Across Leadership Levels
  • 59 Business Drivers


Best option to integrate DDI content into your in-house learning materials

  • Choose content from Foundation or MultiLevel subscription
  • Tailor DDI's content to use with your in-house learning programs
  • Includes DDI’s library of behavioral interview questions
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