Leadership Development

Leadership is tough. We make it easier.

Leadership is a uniquely human endeavor. It’s a skill that must be learned, practiced, and improved every day. But that’s a tall order for busy leaders and HR teams. Our job is to make it easier.

We create effective leadership development experiences that are proven to change behavior, giving leaders the tools to practice and apply new habits in their everyday interactions. Our leadership development subscriptions help your leaders accelerate their careers for a stronger future.

Because with DDI, we’re not just about learning. It’s about changing behavior to get better business results.

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Leaders Developed. Results Delivered.

According to DDI Impact Evaluation data, our clients get results and value from their development programs.



After DDI programs, 88% of participants were more motivated to apply new skills



83% of direct reports said their team is more productive after their leader went through development



95% of HR team members said the DDI program was a valuable investment

DDI Develops Leaders Differently

We base our approach to development on 50 years of science and research on the practice of leadership.

Our experiences are designed to meet leaders where they are, create a personal connection, and focus on the areas of highest impact. We meet these goals by following five high-impact design principles to ensure that all of our experiences are: Relevant. Personalized. Immersive. Trusted. And deeply human.

The result? Better leaders who get better business results. 

Leadership Development Subscriptions

Leaders don’t develop in a day. It takes time and practice. With DDI Leadership Development Subscriptions, you have complete flexibility to develop your leaders when and how you want.

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Leadership Programs by Level

Leaders at every level have unique learning needs. Explore how you can create leadership development programs that provide consistency across levels yet are tailored to the unique learning needs of each group.

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Our leadership development program has supercharged our transition towards becoming a learning organization, enabling our leaders to experience the value of learning whilst simultaneously uplifting our leadership capability. WIN:WIN

Laura Lane Global Head of Talent Edwards

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Award-Winning Leadership Development Courses

The heart of our leadership development experiences is our award-winning course content. Whether your leaders need to learn virtually or in person, our live learning experiences connect leaders with one another to build and practice skills.

Or you can help your leaders quickly build skills with on-demand online courses. Plus, you can use our microcourses to support short bursts of learning to reinforce and expand leadership skills.

Most importantly, we build all our content on proven foundational models and concepts. That way, you can easily mix and match to create blended learning journeys that meet your leaders in the moment, while maintaining consistency.

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I personally trained nearly 1,000 managers from all over…during this time, I have been stopped in malls, airports, hotels, and in the street by scores of past participants and thanked for DDI-inspired, life-changing experiences.

DDI-certified facilitator in the professional services industry

Develop Exceptional Facilitators

The people who train your leaders can make or break your leadership program. While you can always choose to use DDI’s facilitators, many of our clients want to build the skills of their in-house team. That’s why we offer a world-class facilitator certification program to build the skills and confidence of your program leaders.

With DDI certification, your facilitators become experts at delivering engaging, memorable sessions that help leaders truly change and grow. These lifelong skills also apply outside of DDI programs, enabling your team to facilitate better meetings, workshops, and learning sessions throughout their career. Plus, we offer resources to help you brush up your skills as new challenges arise.

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Discover the Ultimate Guide to Leadership Development

Learn more about the research and best practices backing our high-impact leadership development offerings with DDI’s Ultimate Guide to Leadership Development.

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