Facilitator Exchange

Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.

The Facilitator Exchange is a community of DDI facilitators from client organizations. It provides access to best practices, webinars, resources and materials, and most importantly, a network of peers to connect with.

As a certified facilitator, you'll enjoy:

  • Email communications with the latest insights and updates
  • Access to The Hub, an online resource center
  • Free webinars on timely and relevant topics
  • A private LinkedIn group to network and share ideas

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Who's Eligible to Join?

The Facilitator Exchange is intended for DDI-certified facilitators who are working with organizations that have a current agreement and partnership with DDI. 

Eligible certifications include:

  • Facilitator Certification Process
  • Facilitator Qualification Process
  • Facilitation Skills Workshop
  • Master Trainer Certification
  • Targeted Selection®: Administrator
  • Targeted Selection®: Program Manager
  • Targeted Selection®: Trainer 

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Level Up with Facilitator Boosters

You have the skills and tools today to deliver breakthrough experiences. As the workplace evolves, your role changes. Plus, demands from learners and stakeholders expand. You can grow your skills and excel in changing times with our series of Facilitator Boosters. 

Facilitator Booster sessions prepare you to:

  • Facilitate DDI courses in a virtual classroom
  • Create a psychologically safe space to foster courage and inclusion
  • Train interviewers in Targeted Selection
  • Pioneer immersive learning with virtual reality 

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You're Invited to The Hub!

The Hub is an online portal for important announcements, select materials, and other facilitator resources. An invitation to register and log in was sent shortly after your certification. 

Note that The Hub is only available for facilitators at companies who are current DDI clients.

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Need Help?

Having trouble logging in or accessing files on The Hub? We hope not! DDI's Service Ready team is here when you need us. You can call +1-800-438-4525 or click the button below to send us a message.

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