DDI Train-the-Trainer Workshops and Certifications

DDI Train-the-Trainer Workshops Set Industry Standards

DDI’s consultants are among the best in the business. And we’re ready and waiting to deliver top-quality leadership programs in your organization. But we also know that many companies want their own team to deliver their programs. That’s why we offer train-the-trainer programs to make sure your people are ready to deliver top-quality experiences for your leaders.

DDI offers certifications for client organizations in:

  • Leadership Development to facilitate our award-winning courses for leaders.
  • Facilitator Boosters to advance skills of DDI-certified trainers.
  • Targeted Selection® to build skills in the world's most widely used interviewing program.

Deliver Award-Winning Leadership Development Courses

Today’s learners have high expectations of the classroom experience, and DDI has certified more than 100,000 facilitators for more than 50 years. Facilitators need to be ready to deliver a “wow” experience. And they need to be engaging and insightful as they train and coach your leaders. Get ready to gain the best facilitators to deliver award-winning courses available with our Leadership Development Subscription.

Improve Skills with Facilitator Boosters

DDI-certified facilitators deliver breakthrough moments of learning and leadership. But there's always new skills to learn. We offer booster sessions to help your trainers take their facilitation to the next level. Browse our Facilitator Booster sessions below or download an overview.

Get Certified in Targeted Selection

DDI invented Targeted Selection®, the first behavior-based interviewing system. And we can certify your people to master it. That way, they can train leaders across your organization. So you have a fair, consistent process to make sure you’re really hiring the right candidates. Explore our train-the-trainer options below or download an overview.

They're the 'gold standard' in training. I've been certified in many other trainings as well...but DDI is simple, it's standardized, it fits all of our needs.

— Brad Grider, Director, Global Labor and Non-Governmental Organizational Relations and Global Learning